Leads. Authority. Trust. Without Hefty Ad Spend.

Transform Your Work into Powerful Stories and Sales with Video.

Contractors that talk on video earn hotter leads, industry authority, and customer trust faster than those that don't.

And the crazy part is, most contractors aren't talking on video at all. 

Which means there's a huge opportunity in Windsor-Essex County to be amongst the first. And I want to help you claim it.

You see, most contractors mistakenly believe they would be awkward on video or that they don't have time. 

But the reality is most contractors are missing out on long-term benefits that sustain their business. 

Imagine meeting with a lead for the first time in person and they already like and trust you before you walk in the door. 

Or imagine moving a lead from a "maybe" to a "yes" without even calling them.

But this isn't imagination. This is real feedback I've received from contractors I work with.

Simple 3 Step Process.


First, we need a blueprint. We define content goals, target audience, and content sales funnel opportunities.


Next, we begin building content. Expect to meet a minimum of once a month to shoot high-quality video(s) that captivates new audience, nurtures new leads, and closes qualified leads.


Since we know building trust takes time, I work with clients on 12 month retainers. Along the way we use data and feedback to adjust trajectory and continue growing our goals.

Claim the Benefits of Telling Your Story.

The time is now. Some contractors like the ones above are already ahead of the game because they know video content is a game changer for their business. Please fill out the form below to set up a free meeting with me. 

Thanks! I'll reach out to you by phone or email in the next couple days.

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